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Download this Quick Reference Guide for Mastering Cold Chain Integrity


Download this Quick Reference Guide for Mastering Cold Chain Integrity

Leonard’s Cold Chain Solutions is positioned to make complex supply chain scenarios optimized & seamless. Our knowledge of Cold Chain management and our investment in the latest technology will help give your operation an advantage!

Want to learn how to master Cold Chain Integrity? Get the reference guide below!

Cold Chain Transportation Features

Whether it’s frozen or perishable, Leonard’s Express has the expertise to have your shipment arrive at the proper temperature. For over 40 years, we have been moving frozen vegetables, dairy products in our state-of-the-art refrigeration units.

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Our Growing Fleet

Our expanding fleet of over 700 serviceable tractors and 1,100 trailers (700 reefers, 400 vans) is prepared to be a sustainable solution for even the most complex operation. 


Assertive Trade Cycle

Leonard’s Express maintains an assertive Trade Cycle on Equipment to ensure our partners continue utilizing reliable state-of-the-art equipment & technology. Tractors, 4 years; Reefers, 7 years; Vans; 10 years.

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Success Through Safety

Our tractors are equipped with inward & outward-facing dash cameras for the protection of our drivers & freight. In the effort for continuous growth & learning, the dash cameras are monitored to identify those opportunities. 



Our trailers are equipped with real-time temperature monitoring of any refrigerated load or asset right from your smart device and through your customer portal, you can track shipment locations. 

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Never worry about your cold chain storage cargo again.

With our new 114,500-square-foot state-of-the-art refrigerated warehouse, you can track the temperature and location of your refrigerated load right from your smart device, 24/7/365.

Cold Chain Storage Features

Tired of paying for poor service and second-rate cold chain storage facilities?


What’s cooler than cool?

Ice cold! Our 114,500 square foot structure has five 20,000 square foot temperature-controlled rooms ready to meet your cold storage demands. The building is equipped with a VHLS Under-Lever Seal that prevents loss of heating or cooling energy from the building, floor insulation and warm water coils to prevent permafrost and floor heaving.


All trucks welcome

Our warehouse docks are equipped with ComboShelter Soft-Sided Dock Shelters engineered to address the unique challenges at docks that accept standard trailers, as well as those with lift gates, step ledges, or other rear extensions. The Extended Projection side frames allow for proper sealing around the lift gate and standard trailers alike and eliminates potential damage to trailers.

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Never not cold

The ambitious drive-thru design of the conditioned loading dock into our refrigerated warehouse keeps the integrity of our cold chain secure and your cargo in the same condition it left your warehouse. 


Your cargo. Your rules.

Each refrigerated room is capable of separate temperature control between -10 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Authorized users can remotely monitor temperatures, pressures, heaters, and fan motors at any time of the day.

Keep my cold chain cargo cold

Leonard’s Express – Your All-In-One
Cold Chain Storage Solution.

Strategically Located

State-of-the-art Warehouse

With rail spur access to the Finger Lakes Railway, a strategic distribution point for your Northeast customers, and a short drive to Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse, our warehouse location checks all your boxes.

700 temperature-controlled trailers based in:

Farmington, NY

Wilmington, DE

Hickory, NC

Eau Claire, WI

Boise, ID

Leonard’s Express Headquarters

Being less than one mile from the New York State Thruway (I-90), our headquarters on Collett Road possesses natural efficiency for operating our company. Whether you have a meeting on-site or expect your refrigerated freight routed through, arriving & departing HQ is issue free.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers.

Where does Leonard’s Express drive?

With service to all 48 states and the province of Ontario, Leonard’s Express moves over 15,000 shipments monthly. So, if your cold cargo is moving cross-town or cross-country, call us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

How big is Leonard’s Express?

Our fleet consists of over 700+ power units and over 1100+ trailers, offering refrigerated and van service. And they are all trackable, so you’ll worry (much) less.

Why should we trust Leonard’s Express with our cold chain needs?

We continually invest in technology – our new refrigerated warehouse, our people – Truckload Carriers Association 2022 Best Fleets to Drive For, our service – 98% on-time delivery, and our state-of-the-art AIB certified facilities.


Keep my cold chain cargo cold!